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Meet Young BPW Member Stephanie Samedi

24 Nov 2020 8:27 PM | Lea-Ann Berst (Administrator)

NFBPWC Young BPW turns the spotlight on members who are making an impact in their profession. Featured members exemplify the mission of the BPW of uniting and advocating for women everywhere.

Meet Stephanie Samedi!

A member of BPW/NYC, Stephanie is a Diversity and Inclusion professional whose work centers on creating equitable and inclusive environments to support diverse workforces. She studied Social and Cultural Analysis at NYU with concentrations in Critical Race Theory and Gender Studies. At Harvard Graduate School of Education, she continued to study race and equity issues in the context of education and nonprofit spaces.

While at Harvard, Stephanie worked on the implementation of a Diversity Index which provided tools and guidelines to be used by business units to support students.

Outside of work she enjoys cooking and finding new ways to be creative.

Q: Tell us about your education.

I completed my undergraduate studies at NYU and received an Ed.M. from Harvard.

Q: What are you doing today to make your career aspirations come to fruition? 

I hope to continue to work in the Diversity & Inclusion space. This career path is fairly new, so I am still finding my place within the field.

Q: What brought you to this career path?

My studies have been interdisciplinary with a focus on critical race theory. I wanted to find a career path that aligned with my interests and values.

Q: Can you tell us about an important lesson you've learned in your career so far?

I have learned how powerful it can be to allow people to express their concerns and voice their opinions about how to make business more equitable. We can all learn a lot from each other.

Q: How did you find BPW?

BPW was recommended to me by a friend. I served as the VP of Programming and helped to organize our virtual events. Those events were my most memorable experiences because I learned so much from the presenters and attendees.

Q: How can the BPW club and its members help you on your career path? 

I wish that I had more access to D&I professionals. The way we network has completely shifted and it would be great to meet more people on a similar career path or with similar interests.

Q: Can you share how you have evolved since Covid-19 disrupted 'normal' professional life?

I started work 2 weeks before my office went remote. I had to learn how to adjust to my new job as I was also adapting to our new normal. However, this has given us the opportunity to connect with others in our global offices, to have candid conversations about the current events, and to learn how to be inclusive of more voices.

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