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Meet BPW Member Tiara Bonet

1 Jan 2021 8:06 PM | Lea-Ann Berst (Administrator)

NFBPWC Young BPW turns the spotlight on members who are making an impact in their profession. Featured members exemplify the mission of the BPW of uniting and advocating for women everywhere.

Meet Tiara Bonet!

A member of BPW/NYCTiara is a New York State licensed attorney. She currently works for a community-based legal service provider, representing tenants in their housing unit. 

Where did you attend school?

 have a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and Media Studies from Hunter College. I graduated from American University Washington College of Law.

What brought you to this career path?

I became a lawyer because I wanted to work on telecommunication policy. I first became interested in this while in undergrad due to a course called Internet and Society. During my final year of law school, I was a part of my school's Disability Right Law Clinic. I realized then that I enjoyed direct legal services more and had a desire to help people.

How did you find BPW? What is one memorable experience you've had with the club so far?

I found BPW through a class in undergrad. The president of NFBPWC/NYC (then EPW-NYC) was looking for an intern and the class required practical experience. My most memorable experience is helping build the new BPW/NYC website.

How can the BPW club and its members help you on your career path? What do you wish we knew?

Networking and continued education are important parts of a legal career. I hope to meet other women that I can learn from.

Connect with Tiara on LinkedIn.

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