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  • 6 Oct 2021 11:15 AM | Lea-Ann Berst (Administrator)
    We invited members from around the world to join us to discuss Negotiation in a Fireside Chat format with fellow BPW members. Members brought their questions and their experiences to join in on the discussion.

    Here are a few key takeaways written up by our Young BPW International representative Tomi Odunsi (thank you for joining us!): 

    1. Prepare Prepare Prepare before going into any negotiation meeting
    2. Practice Practice Practice before the meeting
    3. Research the standard salary - you can check the following sites and LinkedIn.
    4. Always ask questions and take a moment of silence to think properly about your response, so as not to respond emotionally.
    5. How you speak matters; say - "Did I understand you correctly instead  of "Do you mean...". " I would like to recap...", "My understanding about this is.... Is this your understanding too?.
    6. Discuss what else is on the table besides Salary (what else does the job offer?)
    7. What is your worth and does the offer meet your quality standard?
    8. A good fit makes up for other failings. Does the company's values align with yours?

    Interested in attending another event? Check out to see more chances to hang with your BPW friends :) 

    Thank you all for attending! 

    Ashley Maria

    Young BPW NFBPWC Chair

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