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Through an Affiliate, Virtual or Student membership, you can become part of a 30,000+ international community of business and professional women and men interested in advocating for and allying with women.

NFBPWC is committed to framing our efforts in support of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Diversity is not the end goal, but a means to a more inclusive workplace for all women. And, without also making equity apart of this effort (fair pay, equitable leadership, advancement opportunities), DEI efforts can not be sustainable. We believe that diverse groups must be respected, appreciated and able to thrive at work and in their communities.

As a member, you can connect with other like-minded individuals through a broad range of ongoing learning programs, networking events, and mentoring opportunities.



  1. Membership allows you to stay on top of the latest advocacy efforts and organizational news curated in a monthly newsletter

  2. Take advantage of live-training programs to enhance your professional development through discounted courses that engage in practice and usage of leadership techniques and skills.  

  3. Be part of a robust career mentoring program where members are matched with for a facilitated a mentor/mentee relationship.

  4. Through educational programs, issue-based gatherings, and publications, participate in environment and sustainable development activities to advocate and collaborate with professionals and community leaders on issues, especially those disproportionately affecting women.

  5. Join our commitment of helping military-affiliated women succeed in their endeavors – whether those endeavors are personal or professional.

  6.  As a global affiliation with BPW/International, members are directly connected with the United Nations, NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations) and other organizations that share our vision to empower women worldwide.

  7. Students receive a discounted membership price while gaining skills and broadening their professional network. 

  8. Receive discounted medical services 24x7 throughout the year via the NFBPWC Good Health Program. Designed to help members and their families save on costly health care and wellness expenses, this unique program helps you to save on telemedicine, vision, dental, prescription drugs, and more!

Invest in your career, stay connected with like minded individuals, and advocate for working women with this 30K+ global membership community!!


Equal Participation of Women and Men in Power and Decision-Making Roles

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