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Meet NFBPWC/New York City member, Tiara Bonet!

A member of BPW/NYC, Tiara is a New York State licensed attorney. She currently works for a community-based legal service provider, representing tenants in their housing unit.

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BPW/North Carolina

Meet NFBPWC/North Carolina member, Jessica Bryan!


I just released my 35th book on Amazon! Calamity Central can be ordered online at AmazonIt is a humorous look at life's little ups and downs. Those of you who have ever experienced family life, chaos, embarrassing moments, upsets, getting a new puppy, dealing with teenagers, balancing work and play, and dealing with life's dramas (that's pretty much everyone!) will relate to many of the stories I share. Each chapter is a story or stories that will make you smile and nod your head if not laugh out loud.

I am also about to step into the role of President of our local Association of REALTORS for 2021. It is my second time holding that office. 

BPW/New York City

Meet NFBPWC/New York City member, Stephanie Samedi!

A member of BPW/NYC, Stephanie is a Diversity and Inclusion professional whose work centers on creating equitable and inclusive environments to support diverse workforces. She studied Social and Cultural Analysis at NYU with concentrations in Critical Race Theory and Gender Studies. At Harvard Graduate School of Education, she continued to study race and equity issues in the context of education and nonprofit spaces.

While at Harvard, Stephanie worked on the implementation of a Diversity Index which provided tools and guidelines to be used by business units to support students.

Outside of work she enjoys cooking and finding new ways to be creative.

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Meet NFBPWC/California member, Janet Diel!


Janet is being recognized by Business Life Magazine as one of their Women Achievers!!

Business Life recognizes women every year in the community who contribute to the through their work or volunteer activities.

Janet is a member of BPW/Burbank. She is being recognized for her work as a community volunteer.

She serves on both the Transportation Commission and the Advisory Council on Disabilities in Burbank. She is also the President of the Burbank Coordinating Council, an organization that sends approximately 100 low income children to camp each summer and provides Holiday Baskets for over 550 families at Christmas time.

Janet is also very active in the Tournament of Roses where she was the first disabled person to become a member. She handles all of the logistics of getting the Burbank float from Burbank to Pasadena each year. As well as working the parade every year. The Burbank Club is very proud of our member.

Meet NFBPWC/North Carolina member, Jennifer Halloran!


I was recently appointed President of BPW/Chatham County!

My other incredible news is that I am doing a Virtual Trunk Show for my handmade, bead woven jewelry art!!

Q: How can BPW and its members help you on your career path?
Visit my Jennifer Halloran Jewelry page, peruse the products, and Follow my page. 

My jewelry is all handmade by me, one bead at a time. I stitch tiny Japanese seed beads, Czech beads and Swarovski crystals into unique, beautiful wearable art. Several pieces are available for purchase.

Contact me for special BPW pricing and more information.

Bead weaving is an ancient technique, used by early humans to decorate objects and clothing. I am proud and happy to be a part of continuing this tradition into the 21st century.

5 percent of profits will go to the NFBPWC/Chatham County scholarship fund.

"Tax deductible donations go towards public presentations.

Contact me and I can send you info and let you know how to make a generous donation!"

Meet NFBPWC/Colorado member, Laurie Dameron!


I have been appointed Chair BPW/Colorado Environment and Sustainable Development Committee and I'm much more positive than I used to be. There are SO many "helpers" as Mr. Rogers calls them, out there! I have been working harder than ever and plan to continue to work harder than ever in 2021!

I also haven't given up on being a professional women even though the music business is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, business to have success.

COVID has been really, a blessing in disguise. I lost my day job of 30 years entertaining seniors at "nursing homes." I was spending 80% of my time M-F marketing myself, calling and emailing to set up all of those gigs! Now I am spending time tending to my creative endeavors, writing new songs. I hope to have two new CD's out in the next year to add to my three CD's from the past. 

Q: How can BPW and its members help you on your career path?

You can help by buying my music and streaming just about anywhere there is streaming; Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music. (Musicians earn ~ .004 cents per stream so 100,000 streams might amount to $ we need millions of streams to make any decent money.)

And, recommend my Spaceship Earth: What Can I Do? to schools and nonprofit organizations! It's a 30-60 minute powerful multimedia presentation that engages through the use of art, photography, film and live music. This fun and interactive program offers ways to be better stewards of our beautiful planet Earth and create sustainable and healthy communities.

BPW/North Carolina

Meet NFBPWC/North Carolina member, Jo Naylor!


I am the Owner of Joniqua's. I crochet hats, scarves, headbands, and make earrings. I donate $1.00 from each item sold to the Currumbin Sanctuary in Queensland, Australia.

Q: How can BPW and its members help you on your career path?
Buy my products at Joniqua's! And, I would like to network with other women -- so please connect with me!


Meet NFBPWC/New York City member, Caroline Rakus-Wojciechowski!

Q: What are you doing today to make your career aspirations come to fruition? 
My goal is to be a sustainability and development consultant for the United Nations, universities, and businesses. This means I would be able to use my practical and applied knowledge of creating sustainable communities and development programs on a Global Scale and use it to teach and empower young people, facilitate intergenerational conversations, and most importantly, empower communities to implement their own sustainable development programs.

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Connect with Hannah! 
BPW/North Carolina

Meet NFBPWC/North Carolina member, Hannah Hughes!

Q: What are you doing today to make your career aspirations come to fruition? 
I want to delve into the world of pharmaceutical sales with a possible side job of interpretation and translation. I currently own a CBD company to figure out what it is like to handle "supplements," and I work as a tutor and caregiver for Hispanic families in Raleigh whose parents only speak Spanish.

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BPW/North Carolina

Meet NFBPWC/North Carolina member, Marsha Riibner-Cady!


I started a business, Cady CPR Solutions, your source for CPR and First Aid Training.

Q: How can we celebrate with you?
Visit my business website and learn more about what I do!

Q: How can BPW and its members help you on your career path? 
I would like help understanding how to link all my social media together so I can post one place and it populates everywhere.

 Pioneers in Skirts

While screening Pioneers in Skirts at at a recent international BPW conference, I was excited to hear the message of “it’s time for us ALL to take action!”

The story shows the inequities and setbacks women have experienced in the workplace, even after decades of advocacy, still perpetuate today. ~2018-2020 NFBPWC President

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