Contribute to our NFBPWC direct fundraising campaign for displaced Afghan women in the United States

8 Sep 2021 3:50 PM | Lea-Ann W. Berst (Administrator)

A Message From The President

Dear NFBPWC Members and Fellow Advocates,

NFBPWC is in direct contact with U.S. top military personnel about the first wave of displaced Afghan people. They are safe and well cared for; receiving housing, food, medical care, and other services. 

As their visas are being processed and others wait to be resettled, we are hearing first-hand of what we can do to help. Most of the displaced Afghan's left wearing only the clothing on their backs.  And, although women are given access to clothing and supplies at the base retail centers, the clothing designed for female military personnel is inappropriate for those who practice hijab (modest clothing).

We've been informed that many of the Afghan women are refusing to come out of the barracks because they are embarrassed by what they have to wear and/or can access on the bases.

NFBPWC is stepping forward to launch the Afghan Women Project -- a mission to provide new, modest undergarments (panties, bras, socks) to displaced Afghan women in the United States.

Our first step: raise financial donations by October 31, 2021 to pay for the purchase (and shipment) of undergarments.

Our minimum fundraising goal: $5000 USD


I ask that you please consider donating as we work to provide this life-changing need. When donating online, please notate your intention by selecting "Afghan Women Project" in the final donation field.

Thank you for your contribution and your support during this first phase of this project. Stay tuned for details on our progress and the next steps in our plan!

Megan Shellman-Rickard
2020-2022 NFBPWC President

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