NFBPWC develops the professional, business and leadership potential of women at all levels.


NFBPWC members are part of a global community of women linking over 30,000 members in 110+ countries worldwide.


Arizona contact information
- WEBSITE: bpwaz.org
- EMAIL: bpwaz.org/contact

State Highlights

  • BPW/AZ Objectives
    • To elevate the standards for women in business and in the professions.
    • To promote the interests of business and professional women.
    • To bring about a spirit of cooperation among business and professional women of Arizona.
    • To extend opportunities to business and professional women through education along the lines of industrial, scientific, and vocational activities.


The Arizona Business and Professional Women’s Foundation

Founded in 1989 by the Arizona/BPW Federation, the Foundation supports the financial needs of women seeking educational opportunities to improve their job opportunities. For more: arizonabpwfoundation.org.

Upcoming Meetings and Events



NFBPWC/AZ Club Officers

President: Theresa Dolan 

Vice President Membership & AdvocacyLinda Duval d’Adrian 

Secretary: Katherine Stevenson

Treasurer: Linda Duval d’Adrian 


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