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Young BPW International members

Young BPW from all over the world visit the annual Commission on the Status of Women CSW in New York and lobby for women’s rights.
If you're between the ages of 18-35 and are looking to collaborate on BPW initiatives, career, leadership and women's rights -- then Young BPW is for you!

Our Young BPW members exchange ideas, information, and support to help keep ALL members achieving their career potential. We offer a tight-knit, engaged community, as well as leadership opportunities, resources, and career-focused programs.



As a Young BPW member, you will have access to National and International BPW programming, including our affiliation to the United Nations. Young BPW and BPW International work on a political level. Through the organization, we influence political decisions via various UN committees (e.g. CSW, UNESCO, UNIFEM, WHO) as well as through the European Women's Lobby (EWL).



When you join NFBPWC at the local, chapter, or virtual club level, you automatically become a member of Young BPW. We participate in formal and informal activities that allow us to network with members in our local communities as well as all over the world to exchange ideas and information. We even host an international conference for Young BPW every 3 years!



Throughout the USA and internationally, Young BPW teams unite and offer theme-focused workshops and training seminars such as:



Every month we feature an exceptional Young BPW member. Read about them, connect with them!



BPW aims to obtain equal opportunities for the advancement of ALL women. Young BPW members integrate UN Sustainable Development Goals on both an international and local level to build our advocacy skills and community.


Join Young BPW (USA) on Instagram @youngbpwusa & Facebook groups/YoungBPWUSA

Email Young BPW Chair, Ashley Maria, at youngbpw@nfbpwc.org for more information on how to get involved (membership to BPW is required).

Equal Participation of Women and Men in Power and Decision-Making Roles

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NFBPWC is a national organization with membership across the United States acting locally, nationally and globally. NFBPWC is not affiliated with BPW/USA Foundation.

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