Young BPW committee


A Committee of NFBPWC with a focus on the needs of the YOUNG

If you're between the ages of 18-35 and are looking to collaborate on BPW local and international initiatives -- including career, leadership and women's rights -- then Young BPW is for you!

Young BPW members exchange ideas, information, and support to help keep all members achieving their career potential. We offer a tight-knit, engaged community, as well as leadership opportunities, resources, and career-focused programs.



Young BPW will be speaking at the GA2022 Convention!

When: Saturday, August 6, 2022 at 12:30pm
Learn More About The Event: Biennial Assembly National Convention
Topic: The Future of BPW Looks Bright!

student membership

Take advantage of the discounted membership rate!

Students attempting to achieve a degree or certificate in an accredited educational program or school can join at a discounted rate of just $30 a year!

Upcoming Events

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Committee Scope


As a Young BPW member, you will also be a member of National and International BPW -- with access to global programming and United Nations activities. We work to influence political decisions via various UN committees (e.g. CSW, UNESCO, UNIFEM, WHO) as well as the European Women's Lobby.


BPW aims to obtain equal opportunities for the advancement of ALL women. Young BPW members integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our advocacy and community-building efforts.


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We participate in formal and informal activities that allow us to network with Young BPW members around the world to exchange ideas and best practices. And, every 3 years we attend the BPW International Congress where every Affiliate is invited to report and bring resolutions to be debated. These resolutions become the advocacy platform for BPW internationally and are passed to our representatives in the international forums of the United Nations.

No matter where you live and work, you will always be able to connect with each other on Instagram @youngbpwusa and our Facebook group at groups/YoungBPWUSA.

NFBPWC is a national organization with membership across the United States acting locally, nationally and globally. NFBPWC is not affiliated with BPW/USA Foundation.


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