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Young BPW

NFBPWC - Young members are from ages 18 to 35. We are members in our hometown clubs/chapters or via the virtual affiliate (where no club/chapter is located). We enjoy the local, national, and international affiliation with NFBPWC and BPW International programs. We network with members and learn from their seasoned wisdom. In exchange, we help them to stay in-tune and in-touch with our generation.

Email Ashley Maria at for more information on how to get involved (membership to BPW is required).

If you are a Young BPW member of NFBPWC, then please take a moment to take our survey to help us make this organization a better place for you:

What are Young BPWs doing?

Throughout the USA and internationally, Young BPW and Young BPW Teams unite a great power and offer an additional programs on local, national and international levels. There are theme-focused workshops and training seminars on programs such as:

    Negotiation Skills,
    Meetings with Senior Managers as Role Models,
    Forums on national and international issues,
    Symposiums, and
    Local Young BPW get-togethers.

The important goal is to encourage the exchange of ideas and information.

On the personal level, we share our professional experiences and expertise with one another, make business and private contacts, and advise one another on questions of career and personal development. We as Young Enterprising and Professional Women support each other to have equal access in career and business development, as well as personal development.

The Reason for having Young BPW within NFBPWC-USA and BPW International

It is simple: Young BPWs are the younger members with a focus on the planning and management of a career and creating work-life balance as we begin our families. We often prefer a less formal meeting style. The integration within a local club/chapter is essential to the mentorship we gain as we develop leadership, networking, and advocacy skills.

We want to raise awareness of the historically high level of women's qualifications, and the work that they have achieved. We want to obtain equal opportunities for the advancement of women in the economy, politics, and other organizations.

Furthermore, we want to make personal and professional development possible for all.

Young BPW and BPW International also work on a political level: Through the organization, we influence political decisions via various UN committees (e.g. CSW, UNESCO, UNIFEM, WHO) as well as through the European Women´s Lobby (EWL).

Young BPW Activities

Young BPW from all over the world visit the annual Commission on the Status of Women CSW in New York, and lobby for women’s rights.

Every three years we organize a Young BPW Conference - a great networking and learning opportunity for our members from across the globe! Not only do young women get to learn from sharing of mutual experiences, but also form lifelong friendships.

For more information on Young BPW at the international level, visit

Our Ambition - Acting Locally, Nationally and Globally.
Equal Participation of Women and Men in Power and Decision-Making Roles.
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NFBPWC is a national organization with membership across the United States.

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