The National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs (NFBPWC) works to develop the professional, business and leadership potential of women at all levels, and advocates for equal participation of women and men in power and decision-making roles.



Members connect with other like-minded individuals through a broad range of ongoing learning programs, networking events, and mentoring opportunities.

When you join NFBPWC, you are joining a nation of powerful voices that empower and ally with women!




State & Local Club Highlights

When our members join they also become a member of the District, the California State Federation, NFBPWC, and BPW/International -- all for one membership fee. When there is no Club in a persons' area, we have a Member-at-Large option with full membership benefits.


Find a State Club

CFBPW is divided into four Districts (Bay Capital, Northern, Sierra Mar, and Valley Sunset.) Within each District are 2-6 Clubs. These Clubs have local projects they work on in their communities from scholarships to hosting candidates' forums, to supporting local candidates to recognizing business/professional women in their communities.


Upcoming State Events

  • No upcoming events

Read about these BPW/California members featured on the NFBPWC Spotlight page!
  • Lisette Torres
  • Lusine Aleksanian
  • Janet Diel 



Leadership Team 

President: Lynn Brandstater
President Elect: vacant
Vice President: vacant
Treasurer:  Anne Marie Johnson
Secretary: Barbara J Davis
Parliamentarian: Sandy Thompson
Membership Chair: Bessie Hironimus 
Public Policy Chair: Pat Long
Marketing Chair: Bessie Hironimus 
Young Professional Chair: Ashley Maria
Programs/Projects Chair: Marjory Hopper
Small Business Chair: Manjul Batra


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