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NFBPWC works to develop the professional, business and leadership potential of women at all levels, and advocates for equal participation of women and men in power and decision-making roles.



Our members consist of diverse and powerful voices that empower and ally with women all over the globe. They are provided useful advocacy tools, and are able to connect with other like-minded individuals through a broad range of ongoing learning programs, networking events, and mentoring opportunities. - more -




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California BPW (CFBPW) is a local affiliate of NFBPWC. The BPW clubs within the state of California report directly to the state.

All California members hold a membership to their District, the State Federation, NFBPWC, and BPW International -- all for one membership fee. When a Local Club can't be located in a persons' area, BPW/California has a Member-at-Large option with full membership benefits.

Mission: To promote and support equity for women in all aspects of their lives and to promote personal empowerment and professional development.

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CFBPW is divided into four Districts (Bay Capital, Northern, Sierra Mar, and Valley Sunset.) Within each District are 2-6 clubs. These clubs have local projects they work on in their communities from scholarships to hosting candidates' forums, to supporting local candidates to recognizing business/professional women in their communities.


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Leadership Team 

The officers and chairs for California for 2022-2023:

President: Bessie Hironimus

President-Elect: Maria DeSousa

Secretary: Katherine Winans

Treasurer: Lynn Wen

Parliamentarian: Sandy Thompson

Past President: Lynn Brandstater

Membership/Marketing Chair: Trudy Waldroop

Public Policy Co-Chairs: Linda J. Lucas and Rosemary Enzer

Young Professional Chair: Vacant

Program/Projects Chair: Marjory Hopper

PR Chair: Alia Ismael

Small Business Chair: Manjul Batra

Lifelong Leadership and Learning Chair: Barbara J Davis

Finance Chair: Denise Luckhurst


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