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A special post-CSW65 training program

Our work to fast track a gender-equitable pandemic recovery is just beginning. There's MUCH work to be done, and we at NFBPWC want to help! Our expert facilitators have created a leadership program to help you upgrade your team’s ability for making a BIG difference and a BIG impact.

This training module is FREE to NFBPWC members.  For non-members, our normal $150 fee is waived for this special training module!  Enter the coupon code CSW65 in registration.


Leadership in Uncertain Times: Creating Gender Equity During Covid and Recovery

All classes are 60 minutes in length: Wednesday's 6:00 - 7:00 PM MDT | 8:00 - 9:00 PM EDT

Participants are requested to attend all classes live.  Recordings are available upon request.  Certificates of Completion will be awarded to participants successfully attending all six L3 Leadership Series.

April 7:  Introduction to Leadership Challenges:  We learned at CSW65 that women are experiencing a global “push-back” at all levels.  This first session will include a post-CSW review of the challenges women face as leaders, lessons learned and our series syllabus.  Break-out rooms will allow for more in-depth discussions and further personal connections.  Learn more about the National Federation of Business and Professional Women (NFBPWC) and our history working toward women’s economic self-sufficiency over the past 100 years.  We’ll also have “Zoom Tips from Hollywood” mini-session from award-winning director and NFBPWC Young BPW Chair Ashley Maria that we will practice and have ready for future sessions.

April 14:  Leadership Skill Development Part 1:  Just what makes people tick?  How do you get that procrastinator on your team to meet deadlines?  How do you approach the boss who is always resistant to change?  Join us as Dr. Trish Knight Past NFBPWC National President and DISC certified counselor, takes you step-by-step to understand first your own personal leadership style and strengths, and then how identify other people’s personality, strengths and quirks. 

April 21:  Leadership Skill Development Part 2:  Dr. Trish Knight drills down to help us gain an understanding of others' patterns of behavior.  She will help us establish a road map to interact with even the most difficult person.  Learn how to maximize your leadership strengths and empower yourself to better relate to others.

April 28:  Leadership in Recovery:  Building on the leadership skills developed in Part 1 and Part 2, Kathy Telban, CPT, M.Ed.  Chief Outcome Strategist, Author, Speaker, will lead the session on scenarios we expect to see in the coming months.  Be prepared for the unexpected.  When is the time right to implement that new project or marketing campaign?  We will learn the pitfalls to avoid and the opportunities to watch.

May 5:  Leadership in Advocacy:  How can we, as leaders, promote gender equity during the pandemic recovery?  Are you aware of the pushbacks in your region?  Where are the gaps, and how can you be better prepared to move gender and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) issues forward in your circle of influence?  Join us as Daneene Monroe-Rusnak (NFBPWC Vice President Advocacy) and her team outline DEI challenges in the workplace and the efforts we can join to create equity for all people.

May 12:  Leadership Moving Forward:  We end our Leadership Series with General Amy Courter, USAF/Retired, past National Commander of the Civil Air Patrol and first female CAP member to achieve the rank of Brigadier General.  She is a professional business consultant in academia, federal agencies, USAF, and businessGeneral Amy will wrap up the series with practical leadership techniques you can apply across all spectrums.  She will help you secure the resources and opportunities you need for every member on your team to achieve success going forward. 

You will complete this series with the knowledge, techniques and confidence to move you forward in these uncertain times.


"Leadership in Uncertain Times" Facilitators:

  • Megan Shellman, President National Federation of Business & Professional Women Clubs
  • Kathy Kelly, National Chair, Lifelong Leadership and Learning
  • Dr. Trish Knight, Past NFBPWC National President, DISC certified counseling
  • Kathy Telban, CPT, M.Ed.  Chief Outcome Strategist, Author, Speaker
  • Daneene Monroe Rusnak, Business Solutions Specialist, VP Advocacy NFBPWC
  • General Amy Courter, USAF Retired, EOS Implementer, Nexus Business Solutions



The Lifelong Leadership & Learning (L3) program 

This is a live-training program wherein participants engaged in practice and usage of leadership techniques and skills. 

Led by certified facilitators, L3 modules are approximately 45-90 minutes in length and are customizable for length and content needs.

As a benefit of membership, this learning initiative is available FREE for NFBPWC members and organizations at all levels.  

The L3 Program is designed to connect BPW state affiliates and virtual clubs with a resource for membership personal and professional growth.

Training modules are also available for community organizations and groups (i.e. chamber of commerce, Girl Scouts, high school clubs, college sororities, etc.).  Please contact Kathy Kelly, the National L3 Chair, for non-member pricing.


Now available:

  • History and Benefits of BPW; 100 years
  • DISC Assessment (2 modules)         
  • Interviewing Skills       
  • Leadership Skills
  • Networking
  • Skills for the Workplace
  • Business Etiquette    
  • Sexual Harassment in Workplace
  • Creating Presentations
  • Public Speaking
  • Setting Goals
  • Advocacy
  • Negotiations
  • Virtual Teams

Coming soon!

  • Media & Branding
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Small Business Owner


Your L3 Certified Facilitators

General Amy Courter • Francesca Burack • Barbara Bozeman • Jean MacDonald • Barbara Davis • Kathy Telban • Beth Gibson-Lilja • Linda Wilson • Kathy Kelly • Marsha Riibner-Cady • Dr. Trish Knight • Cyndi McCabe • Daneene Monroe-Rusnak • Nancy Werner • Sandy Thompson • Sue Oser 

Equal Participation of Women and Men in Power and Decision-Making Roles

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