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Lifelong leadership & learning Training Modules

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Advocacy: Advancing Causes and Policies

1-2 hours

Introduction and overview of how to be an active advocate.

Business Etiquette: Representing Yourself and Your Organization Well

45-90 mins

Provides guidelines and protocols used in business settings that includes verbal and written communication, meetings and exhibiting a professional image.

  • Business Etiquette: Best Practices for Verbal and Written Communication (15-30 min)
  • Business Etiquette: Meeting Principles & Practices (15-30 min)
  • Business Etiquette: Exhibiting a Professional Image (15-30 min)

Using the DISC Model of Human Behavior To Live and Work More Effectively

1 hour

Assessing, understanding and recognizing underlying behaviors of yourself and others. Participants will complete the DISC Assessment prior to the session.

Enhancing Your Communication

60-90 mins

Using the DISC Model of Human Behavior to adapt your communication with others to increase productivity, reduce conflicts and have better outcomes. Participants will complete the DISC Assessment prior to the session.

Setting Goals for Personal and Professional Success

1 hour

Learn how to establish and create strategies to develop and break down a goal into executable steps.

BPW History 100 Years and Beyond

1 hour

Learn about BPW’s robust history and our leadership in advocating for women. 

Interviewing Skills

1.5-2 hours

Go into your next job interview prepared. Know your strengths, skills and your value. Learn to create impactful behavioral examples to stand out from the crowd.

Being an Effective Leader

40 mins -
1 hour

Leaders are made not born. You can be an effective leader regardless of your behavioral style. Effective leadership takes into account factors, followers, behaviors, and understanding power.
Being an Effective Negotiator

2-3 hours

Some elements of negotiation can be used in every human interaction including dealing with difficult situations and people. Negotiation theory, elements, techniques and leveraging DISC behavioral styles are presented and used in practice scenarios. Negotiate your position, your salary and your future with confidence.
The Art of Networking

45 mins -
1 hour

Creating and building social and professional networks is a critical life skill. Learn how to connect with people that you can help and who can help you. Uncover and share tips, techniques, and technology tools. Impact of DISC styles included.

Parliamentary Procedure - Ensuring Inclusiveness and Fairness

30-45 mins

A well-run meeting is where all views matter, time is used wisely, and business is conducted effectively. Learn to use standard processes, techniques and functions to participate and manage meetings that ensure efficiency, inclusiveness, fairness, and clear results.
Designing Effective Presentations

60-90 mins

Learn the steps to identify your audience and create an efficient flow of information. This workshop will provide the elements for designing an effective and engaging presentation.
Delivering Oral Presentations: Turning Stage Fright into Stage Fabulous

60-90 mins

Learn and practice the techniques to present/speak to an audience of 1 to 100 or more with calm and confidence.

Sexual Harassment, Awareness, and Prevention in the Workplace 

90 mins -
2 hours

Anyone can experience sexual harassment. Learn how to recognize sexual harassment behaviors and use effective strategies for dealing with them.

Equal Participation of Women and Men in Power and Decision-Making Roles


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