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The Afghan Women Project

Leaving their country in just the clothes on their backs, displaced Afghan women are in the United States facing the intricacies of the American way of life:

   - our laws that can protect them, 
   - our customs that could mystify them, and 
   - our society which has been built in a crucible of active diversity.

NFBPWC stands with our newly minted American sisters!

Join us as we work to empower displaced Afghan women to continue to support themselves and achieve the many rights and dignities that all Americans enjoy today.

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Collaborating with other organizations, we're providing a collection of life-changing resources for initial resettlement needs and long term professional development.


Stories and life hacks from immigrant women who understand common misperceptions, and can explain fundamental differences experienced by them as business and professional women, new entrepreneurs, and young university women.

- Afghan Women Project Guidebook (Eng & Dari) -

This is a guidebook that can be used and updated by local affiliates to share with Women on the Move in their local areas, copyright NFBPWC 2023: Afghan Womens Project Guidebook_Final.pdf


NFBPWC cultural competency training engages with members and empowers arriving women and their families. With a goal of making displaced lives better, we see our efforts as an opportunity to make U.S. communities stronger. 


NFBPWC has launched a specialized mentorship program designed to pair American women with displaced Afghan women.

The program aims to help these women acclimate to the U.S. work environment as they earn an income, advance their skills sets, and continue their education. - Read More -

Equal Participation of Women and Men in Power and Decision-Making Roles


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