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Meet Young BPW member - Lisette Torres

1 Oct 2021 10:36 AM | Lea-Ann W. Berst (Administrator)

Meet Lisette Torres

Lisette is a SoCal native. She loves nature especially going on hiking trails by the ocean and being with her rescue German Shepherd, Mia. When she’s not studying for school or the LSAT, she enjoys physical activities which include weight-lifting or figure skating.

What is the name of your BPW club? 

BPW Hollywood, California

Where do you attend school? 

I'm currently enrolled in California State University, Los Angeles pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in political science with an emphasis in Global Politics.

What are your career aspirations?

My current career aspirations revolve around helping others. I'm actively pursuing higher education to obtain my Juris Doctorate after I receive my Bachelor's Degree. I do wish to partake in law as an attorney for a few years then transitioning to work alongside non-profit organizations such as UNICEF.

What brought you to this career path?

As a child, I wanted to choose many different career paths such as a writer, geologist, scientist, teacher, etc. My career goals weren't given by the Oracle of Delphi, but rather something that came to me naturally. I knew I wanted to give a voice to others. I wanted others to know that they can come to me with concerns and we would be able to find solutions.

Can you tell us about an important lesson you've learned in your career so far?

An important lesson that I've learned in my career and semi-short life is: manage your expectations on yourself and on others. Often times, people give 110% every day they step outside the door which cause others to place overwhelmingly high expectations on them. We're human - we make mistakes. Don't beat yourself up for it and do not allow others to do the same.

Is there a particular person who helped get you to where you are today? 

My dad has been my best friend since the moment I took a breath of air in this world. My dad has been my angel and my light. There was a stressful time in my final year of community college, and I could not understand the material, my dad took notice and had gone to the market for groceries. When he returned, he placed my favorite flowers on the table and said, "Things take time to grow, don't rush the process."

How did you find BPW? 

I was introduced to BPW Hollywood through an established member. A memorable experience with the club has been when I was able to finally meet President of BPW Hollywood Marjory Hopper at a Sunset Valley District Meeting in Burbank!

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