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6 May 2022 8:25 PM | Lea-Ann W. Berst (Administrator)

Laurie Dameron is a BPW/Boulder member since 2007. She is an award-winning musician who has been playing the guitar for nearly 50 years and singing even longer.

Between solo performances and performances with her band, Laurie D and the Blues Babes, this Billboard Magazine award recipient has performed for hundreds of venues in and out of Colorado over the past 25 years. A broad repertoire folk, blues, and jazz allows her to perform many different venues. She has produced three CDs and is currently working on fourth and fifth.

Laurie is a long time member of Colorado Music Business Association (1987) and has won numerous other songwriting contests including COMBO. She is also a member of Denver Musician's Association AFM Local 20-623 (Union).

Laurie is also an environmental activist and in 2012 started her project Spaceship Earth: What Can I Do? Multimedia Presentations to inspire folks to be better stewards to our beautiful planet Earth!

Her song “What Can I Do?” made it to the top ten finalists in the 2011 Tipperary World Peace Song Contest. She passed the first round of auditions for America’s Got Talent in Denver in December of 2013.

In 2015 Laurie was elected chair of Environmental and Sustainability Development (ESD) for BPW Colorado and is past chair for NFBPWC ESD Committee.

In 2017 she was awarded “Trailblazer Woman of the Year” at BPW Boulder’s biggest annual event Celebration of Women.

A couple of questions for Laurie --

Laurie DameronWhat has being involved in NFBPWC meant for your career? 

I originally joined BPW Boulder in 2007 to get my business on a more professional level by taking advantage of the networking and other events...which it did!

In 2014, my BPW colleague and mentor, Kathy Kelly, took me to coffee to tell me "Laurie, you're a lone wolf with your environmentalism and you need to get more involved with BPW."

I realized she was right and I started attending board meetings and learning so much about how our government works and about how legislation is created, dealt with and passed.

I now realize just how important my membership is to BPW and that as a citizen, how important it is to understand such structure and how extremely important it is to vote in every local and national election. And especially as a woman and fighting for social justice. And now more than ever!

In the summer of 2015, at our annual conference, I was elected as chair of Environmental and Sustainable Development Committee. Prior to that, BPW had never had such a committee. I guess I convinced them that none of these other issues will be important unless we get a handle on climate change.

BPW has also given me a platform to be heard on the important issues of climate change.

What's your Call to Action for our readers? 

I believe what the EPA says:

“Over 40% of our greenhouse gases come from the way products are extracted, produced, transported, used, and even disposed of. Striving for Zero Waste is one of the quickest and easiest ways to address climate change and build healthy communities”

I also agree with Bill McKibben when he said: “We're under attack from climate change — and our only hope is to mobilize like we did in WWII.”

We all need to be fighting climate change every day.
Don’t allow your car to idle
Avoid using drive-throughs
Have a no-drive days every week
Shop and bank locally and divest from big banks that support oil and gas
Turn down the heat
Turn off lights when you leave a room
Minimize single-use plastics
Bring your own cup to your coffee shop
Use a reusable water bottle
Strive for zero waste.

Please share environmental posts when you see them on social media.

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