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International Relations Chair Report

2 Nov 2023 2:00 PM | Kemi Oyebade (Administrator)

By:Sandra Thompson, NFBPWC’s International Chair,

The South American Region held their Regional Conference was held September 6 to 10 in Santigo, Chilie.

Some of our members were in attendance and have reported that they had a great time. One of the featured speakers was our own Past National President, Bessie Hironimus. Also, attending was Dave Hironimus, Manjul Batra, Sujata Easton and Ellora Easton.

(Pictured Left) Manjul Batra and Sujata Easton placing their fingers on the top of the tallest building in Chilie.

(Pictured Top Right) Ellora Easton, Sujata Easton and Manjul Batra. Three generations of BPW members. Manjul’s mother was also a long time BPW member, including being President of India. What a wonderful BPW heritage.

Manjul in the meeting room
Ellora and Manjul

Dave and Bessie Hironimus (Pictured Left)

Bessie, Anu Viks, RC Europe And Dawn Wells RC No. America (Pictured Right)


(Pictured Left)

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