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Tell Your Senators To Remove The Arbitrary ERA Deadline

  • 15 Jun 2024
  • "Take Action" Online Tool -- Open to the public, this tool will help you to tell Senators to step up for the ERA.

No More Delay on the ERA!

                    -Representative Jackie Speier

The arbitrary deadline for the Equal Rights Amendment must be removed so that equal rights on the basis of sex are enshrined in our Constitution. Currently, there is no Constitutional backing for sex-based equality in this country.

At this moment, the U.S. IS NOT a part of the 80% of UN member states that have provisions in their Constitutions to address gender equality. If we want to continue to be considered a leader on the world stage then the ERA needs to be ratified immediately.

Passing the ERA would take out gender-specific language in all laws and make them more gender-neutral. This will benefit EVERYONE in this country - men, women, and non-binary people alike. Once ratified, it will raise gender to be considered a suspect classification like race, religion, and national origin. The ratification of the ERA will ensure that gender is not a barrier to success and equal recognition under the law for anyone in this country.

Learn more about H.J. Res. 17 here.

Your voice makes a difference. Use our 3-step Advocacy Tool to urge your Senators to remove the arbitrary ERA deadline.

Fill out the form to get started.

The system will help you email, call, tweet, and even send a video message to your Senators. Don't know what to say? That's okay! The system will provide suggested text and scripts and will allow you to add your own personal touch.

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Equal Participation of Women and Men in Power and Decision-Making Roles


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