Voting Rights Protect Women's Rights

  • 1 Nov 2022
  • "Take Action" Online Tool - This tool is open to the public. It will help you to Tell your Congress Member to protect equal access to voting!

Voting Rights Protect Women's Rights

Voting is a key part of our democracy. Since the most recent election, we have seen increased efforts from around the country trying to infringe on Americans’ right to vote. This impacts every area of life in the U.S.. Without the ability to vote, we lose the ability for our country to work for everyone.

Making it harder to vote results in fewer women voting.

This means we lose our voices on issues like reproductive rights, child care, education, and employment. Not only do women, in general, lose their power as a voting block, but marginalized women such as women of color and queer women also lose their power to fight for their rights - rights that so often in this country have been violated.

All people, especially women, deserve to have equal decision-making power in our country. It is up to you to protect the rights we hold dear in our democracy. Call on your Congress Member to protect equal access to voting!

Here's How You Can Take Action

1. Fill out the form with your information so you can be connected with your members of Congress.

2. The system will help you email, call, tweet and even send a video message to your legislators. You will also be provided with suggested text and scripts, or you can add your own personal touch!

For example:

TWEET suggestions:

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Congress must do better and take meaningful action to protect equal access to voting!

History is watching @USSenate @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @SenAngusKing @BernieSanders
HASHTAGS: #VotingRightsProtectWomensRights
Suggested PHONE SCRIPT:  Hello, my name is (Your Name) and I am a constituent of (Congress member's name). I am calling them to urge them to work toward protecting equal access to voting. We have seen too many legislative actions being taken to make it harder for people to vote. (As a member of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women), I am especially disturbed by the negative impact these actions have on the rights of women and commonly disenfranchised groups. We are way past the time for concrete action on this matter. History is watching. Please do your part. 

There are too many laws being passed that discriminately decrease access to voting

Congress has the ability to change this

Voting rights protect women's rights

As a member of The National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs I support equal access to voting


3. Use the social sharing buttons and help spread the word!

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