International Opportunities at BPW

  • 28 Sep 2022
  • 3:00 PM
  • Skype (open to ALL BPW members)
You're invited to attend the INTERCONTINENTAL Skype meeting about opportunities at BPW!

Date: Wednesday 28 September | 3pm ET [check other country time zones below]

How to RSVP:

1. Email Géraldine Crevat

2. You will receive a confirmation email

If this is your first time participating, when emailing Géraldine, please be sure to:
  • provide a photo of yourself
  • provide your name / country / BPW club / profession / e-mail: / Skype account
  • provide written approval to her "I approve for Géraldine Crevat and BPW/International to process the personal data I am providing here in accordance with the EU regulation on Protection of personal Data - (GDPR 2016/679/EU)."

This personal data will only be shared with the other attendees.

Be sure to connect to Géraldine's Skype handle prior to event: geraldinebpw

Background: This BPW group “INTERCONTINENTAL Online Meetings” was created in 2012 in order to gather BPW members and share cross-cultural ideas. This platform is exclusively reserved for BPW Members. Since almost 10 years, we are using Skype and propose a protocol for registration (data and agreement) in order to secure the connection. This allows Géraldine to edit a shared document for each meeting with the name of the participants.


Time zones:

Auckland: Thursday 29 September -

Sydney: Thursday 29 September -

Seoul: Thursday 29 September -

Kuala Lumpur: Thursday 29 September  -

Bangkok: Thursday 29 September -

Mumbai: Thursday 29 September -

Katmandou: Thursday 29 September -


Beyrouth,  Kampala,  Athens,  Helsinki, Nicosia, Amman: Wednesday 28 September -

Paris,  LaValette,  Cairo,  Roma,  Prague, Berlin, Madrid Genève Wien, Bruxelles, Stockholm: Wednesday 28 September -

Lagos, London, Dublin: Wednesday 28 September -  


UTC Ouagadougou,  Dakar,  Abidjan,  Reykjavik: Wednesday 28 September -


Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires: Wednesday 28 September - 

New York, Montréal: Wednesday 28 September - 

Mexico City, Panama, Quito: Wednesday 28 September -

Calgary: Wednesday 28 September - 


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