On April 24, 2021, NFBPWC hosted its inaugural Earth Day Summit to raise awareness on the impact of the environment on our daily lives, including how seemingly distant events, such as climate and weather-related disasters, are in fact closely related to the choices we make as individuals and as a group.

Highlighting the interdependencies among land, water, air, and our daily actions, the event featured the stories of five professional women – each from different career paths and locations around the country, working together to make the communities they belong to more sustainable, equitable, and resilient.

Connect the dots between the environment and the choices we all make everyday as you re-live Earth Day 2021 below!

Opening Act: “I believe”
by Laurie Dameron
, Award-winning Singer-songwriter
Chair of Environment Committee, BPW/Colorado

The Big Picture: Interdependencies
by Hyon K. Rah
, Principal & Founder, RAH Solutions
Chair of Environment & Sustainable Development, NFBPWC

The Land We Share: Soil Health, Pollinators & Food 
by Marikay Shellman

Visual Artist, Author, and a Rancher

The Water We Drink: Water Quality & Equity
by Susan Oser

TESOL-Certified Teacher & Editor

The Air We Breathe: Health Impacts of the Environment
by Daneene Monroe Rusnak
, Registered Nurse
Vice President of Advocacy, NFBPWC


Equal Participation of Women and Men in Power and Decision-Making Roles

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