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International Women's Friendship Month

1 Sep 2023 8:00 AM | Megan Shellman-Rickard (Administrator)

International Women's Friendship Month and NFBPWC

By President Megan Shellman-Rickard

Heading into our second year of the NFBPWC 2022-2024 term, our Board of Directors, leaders at all levels, and members have a myriad of accomplishments from our first 12 months! Each member has their own path in this organization and a space to share their experiences and enthusiasm for empowering women with people from around the nation and the world. In the spirit of International Women’s Friendship Month in September, take a moment to reach out to current friends and create new connections.

As a member of NFBPWC you are connected to nearly 30,000 members worldwide in over 100 countries. Reach out on social media. Register for the BPW International directory and find members who share your passion for women’s issues from around the world: Update your profile on our NFBPWC directory,, and find other members. Take advantage of your membership in this wonderful organization and create the phenomenal opportunities that are waiting for you.

As a member of NFBPWC for over 10 years, I have made countless friendships with members from around the world. It is inspiring to work with people from across the globe as we continue an uphill battle for women’s equity. As we engage with one another and connect, we do create a unique community in which we can make a difference as we create friendships. I personally invite each of you to reach out to me and other leaders in our organization. Let’s take the time to get to know one another and build friendships that will support the ideals that we hold dear for women’s rights globally. We are stronger together as we craft these bonds of friendship.

Please remember, you have an opportunity to provide constructive input and to find your own unique path in this organization. Here is a link to our online Advocacy Platform,, review it and find an issue resonates with you. This is a chance to develop your potential, and that of NFBPWC, in a safe and welcoming space. Please continue to bring your ideas, projects, and your own light forward. Let us celebrate our successes as individuals and as an organization!

NFBPWC is truly living our theme for this biennium: Cultivate Connections, Create Community. Sending personal wishes of celebration, health, and progress around the globe!

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