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The Agenda for 2022 General Assembly

Hear from a fascinating lineup of speakers, participate in workshops and elections, and kick back to enjoy happy hour receptions, good food including a Gala Awards Dinner, tours of the Sacramento area, and entertainment!

GA2022 Official Brochure

Click image to download the official GA2022 brochure

During this “first ever” hybrid NFBPWC GA2022 conference, all attendees (in-person AND remote) will have access to the same Main Room Meetings & Breakout Sessions! Attendees are asked to RSVP for 1 (one) session per time slot. Check your email for details!

  • ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON, attendees will have their choice of 5 breakout session workshops that will follow our theme of focusing on Leadership in our organization. Attendees will learn about utilizing NFBPWC resources and connections locally, nationally, and internationally to improve both our organization and our personal lives.
  • ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, we will highlight our Advocacy arm of the organization with 6 different breakout session workshops about our efforts to unite and advocate for women.
  • Each workshop will be one hour total (30-45 min presentation + Q&A)
  • Registered GA2022 attendees (only) will have access to session recordings until October 31, 2022. This allows for you to watch whenever it is most convenient for you!

All times are Pacific Daylight Time.

AGENDA: Thursday, August 4, 2022

4:00-5:00pm 2020-2022 Executive Committee Meeting

5:30-7:30pm Registration

5:30-7:30pm  Welcome Reception (Terrace)

AGENDA: Friday, August 5, 2022

8:00-9:00am Registration
9:00am-12:00pm Board of Directors Meeting [virtual attendees will be able to watch & interact]
- BODs can vote in-person or virtually via Zoom
- Memorial Service at 11:30am

12:30-2:30pm Lunch provided
- Special presentation video from Congresswoman Judy Chu, BPW member and California’s 27th Congressional District
- Read: Supreme Court Overthrows ROE V WADE; Judy Chu

2:30-3:30pm Leadership Workshops (choose 1 of 2 sessions) [virtual attendees will be able to watch & interact]

Running a business is tough but having a plan for taking your business successfully to the digital marketplace is even more challenging. Assessing the competition and communicating the benefits and rewards of doing business with you is critical to online scaling and growth. This session will be a game-changer if you are a business owner and want to know how to optimize digital marketing tools to build your brand's online equity. In this session, we will talk about:

● Digital Marketing

● The Importance of Personal and Business Branding

● Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

● What is a CRM and How to Use It

● Email Marketing

● Social Media Marketing

● Social Media Ads

● Reputation Management: Why You Should Care About Google

Guest Speaker
Suzette Cotto

SPEAKER BIO: As PR Chair for NFBPWC and CEO of Innovate Social Media LLC, I am passionate about connecting with business owners, entrepreneurs, and women leaders and helping them build a plan to take their businesses into the digital marketplace. The internet is cluttered and competitive; most business owners often have limited knowledge of optimizing digital marketing tools. It’s why my mission is to bridge this digital disconnect and create relevance for every brand.

Digital Marketing is complex. When done right, it is rewarding to those your brand engages with, and to your bottom line. I’ll help define your audience and create a digital marketing strategy that speaks to prospects no matter where they are on their buying journey. I will help you shine a light on your company in all the right ways so that you can achieve your business goals.

An organization is only as strong as its membership. Attracting and retaining new members requires understanding the generational differences in how they communicate and participate. This presentation will overview how to recruit members of the X,Y, and Z generations.

Guest Speaker
Dr. Trish Knight

SPEAKER BIO: Dr. Trish Knight joined NFBPWC in Michigan and has been a member for 28 years. She is a past national president and current member of the NFBPWC Virtual Chapter, is the NFBPWC Mentoring Program Chair, and has been on the NFBPWC L3 program team since 2004 as a program facilitator/trainer. As a freelance writer and consultant, she is a virtual nomad traveling since 2016 with her husband and blind Tibetan Terrier in their motorhome. She has a daughter and two young adult grandchildren.

3:30-3:45pm Break

3:45-4:45pm Leadership Workshops (choose 1 of 3 sessions) [virtual attendees will be able to watch & interact]

This interactive, hybrid session will give you a taste of enhanced and refreshed Lifelong Leadership and Learning (L3) program that develops powerful women personally, professionally and politically. The program focuses on leadership, communication and professional development that is critical to being successful. You will also learn where to go to find out what training modules are available, how to request training for your affiliate, and how to become a facilitator. In addition, you will provide input on future development of modules and the L3 program. By the end of the session, you will be able to:

● Expand your professional and personal networks

● Apply the best advice provided around personal, professional and political situations

● Use the Impromptu Speech Model to communicate effectively

● Request training for your affiliate

● Determine if you would like to be an L3 facilitator

Guest Speaker
Kathy Telban

Guest Speaker
Jane Taff

SPEAKER BIO: Kathy Telban has been a member of BPW for over 35 years and was the founding President of NFBPWC’s Virtual affiliate. Currently the NFBPWC Lifelong Leadership & Learning (L3) Chair, she is also the Chief Outcome Strategist for iSOLVit LLC and organizational effectiveness firm that helps organizations improve their outcomes where everyone matters. She is a multi-dimensional professional with expertise in information technology, training, sales, human resource, performance improvement and outcomes-based education. She resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

SPEAKER BIO: Jane Taff joined the Downtown Sacramento Affiliate in April of 2021. Currently the L3 Vice Chair, as well as a Leadership, Communication & Personal Development Trainer for her firm Taff Enterprises and is a certified Professional Life Coach and DISC Behavioral Analyst as well as a John Maxwell team member. She is happily married, with three children and 2 cats. She resides in Citrus Heights, California.

The NYC Affiliate Club launched a project a year ago to work with Afghan business and professional women arriving in the US, obliged to leave their country. We were dismayed to see that less is in place to support business and professional women on the move than exists for men – especially at the local social assistance level. Women are not routinely asked about their work experience or their education. Unless they push hard, little effort is made to assist them with having their degrees or work experience transferred. The critical importance of basic activities, like opening a bank account, building a credit history, getting a phone, a driver’s license, tailoring a resume for a job or school application and more are not thoroughly explained. We thought this might have been more the case for the Afghan women than other immigrants, but found that it even held true for women on the move within their own country.

Hear from women we have helped, learn how we built our program, and collaborate with us to create a permanent program that will benefit any business and professional woman on the move – within as well as outside her country. Let us ensure that our sisters and our members thrive through the four-pronged approach we offer them!

Guest Speaker
Voyka Soto

Guest Speaker
Nermin Ahmad

SPEAKER BIO: Voyka Soto, Woman Changemaker, has a core practice in bringing education to the individual, meeting them where they are, and opening their souls to the opportunities around them.  As Secretary of the NFBPWC NYC Affiliate she brings order to a very busy group of disparate women, and as co-chair of the NFBPWC Afghan Women Project, she has engaged true hands-on assistance for many women in doubt and in fear. Her talents have helped this project move forward, and have sufficiently shaped its success so that we fell confident that it is an initiative we should all benefit from.

SPEAKER BIO: Nermin Ahmad is a planner who led core practices in sustainable development, emergency management, resilience building and stakeholder engagement. As President of the NYC Affiliate Chapter of NFBPWC, she has been actively engaged in understanding the needs of professional women arriving in NYC. On behalf of BPW International, she is a UN representative and recently elected Treasurer for the UN Committee for Migration. Both efforts came together to make her naturally co-chair the NFBPWC Afghan Women Project, focused on engaging arriving professional women from Afghanistan to thrive in the US.

As she discovered when presenting this initiative at UNCSW66, women can survive, or be given a hand to thrive. She is currently developing a structure to invest in start-ups for refugee women-owned small businesses and is informing training courses on professionalizing recent immigrants seeking to start businesses. 

Guest Speaker
Barbara Bozeman

SPEAKER BIO: Barbara Bozeman enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1989.  She retired as a Master Sergeant (E-7) in the career field - Aircrew Life Support, which encompasses safety and survival equipment for flyers and aircraft. 

During her 20-year career,  Barbara trained more than 1,000 airmen and foreign military as a vocational instructor and helped introduce leading edge technology for aircraft and flyers.  She is also an experienced aircraft accident investigator. 

Barbara Bozeman brings her experience as a veteran, as a military spouse, a business owner, and a retiree to her role as the NFBPWC Military-Affiliated Women Chair. 

5:30-7:30pm Happy Hour Reception & Appetizers (Terrace)

8:00pm-12:00am Young BPW Night Out - all members are invited

AGENDA Saturday, August 6, 2022

7:30-8:30am Young BPW Breakfast: Open Discussion with BPW International President Bosshart and NFBPWC National President Shellman-Rickard

8:00-9:00am Registration

9:00-12:00pm General Assembly [virtual attendees will be able to watch & interact]
**Wear white to honor our suffragist foremothers
- Elections will be held during this session. Current members can vote in-person or virtually via Zoom.

12:00-12:30pm Break

12:30-2:00pm Lunch and Keynote Program [virtual attendees will be able to watch & interact]

Keynote: Fireside Chat With Our International President
Let's Talk the Future of BPW

Join International Federation of BPW President Dr. Catherine Bosshart and NFBPWC Young BPW Chair Ashley Maria as they discuss BPW today and BPW into the future. Since taking on the presidency of BPW International, President Bosshart has led the organization through the pandemic and into a culture that’s more focused on healthier lifestyles, using digital tools for greater connectivity, and developing an even greater purpose for what it means to be a BPW Member. 

We'll hear: Where do we go from here? What challenges does she feel we’re facing? What can we, collectively, do to get past them? We're proud of where we are today, and we are excited for the future! 

2:00-2:30pm Break

2:30-3:30pm Advocacy Workshops (choose 1 of 3 sessions) [virtual attendees will be able to watch & interact]

Join us as we travel through two years of exploring and acting on DEI awareness. Join the dialogue of what we have done and where we can go next. See how being a part of the building blocks could construct a supportive structure for the tapestry of women. See this view of diversity, this mosaic of people, backgrounds, styles, perspectives, values, and beliefs. Let us create bonds in our organization by interacting and sharing. Learn about NFBPWC’s commitment to offering membership trainings and programs bringing DEI into the conversation.

See what part of your DEI journey you are at. Learn the unique benefits we provided these past two years of what cultural competency is and what it is not. Let’s look at the awareness and sensitivity to DEI issues that go beyond the assumed categories. Let’s talk about our strong culture and its influences. Let us visit our comfort level by embracing, and being comfortable in, our dialogue and actions. Share how we can build inclusive environments and practices making people of different identities feel valued welcomed. Let us invest within our BPW sisterhood creating, uplifting, and sharing our knowledge through our programs and trainings.

Guest Speaker
Sher Singh

SPEAKER BIO: Sher serves on international to local BPWs. Her DEI work spans from CA to NY as president of OC, NY, Cultural Task Force. She has worked with executives, administrators, and clergy on DEI programs for community leaders, educational institutions, faculty, and students. Served 25 years, on 13 civic organizations in NY. Middletown, NY BPW member 10 years, 2 as president. Sher developed and facilitated diversity workshops for decades for many institutions, and counties.

Sher is the NFBPWC DEI Chair. She wants to explore alongside others, our diversity, rights, and support to uplift all women everywhere to be treated with equity. 

Our work is not yet done! Attend this session and learn what you can do. Learn:

● How we got involved in the passage of the ERA

● Where the ERA is now

● What can be done to finish the ratification?

Guest Speaker
Linda Wilson

SPEAKER BIO: My name is Linda Wilson. I was born and raised in Minnesota. My Masters is from the University of Minnesota with a major in Library Science. I am a retired City and County Librarian. I have worked in libraries in Florida, Minnesota and California. I have worked on four tax measures to fund libraries. Two were successful.

Currently a member of NFBPWC/California, I joined BPW in 1972 in Belle Glade, Florida. In addition, I have belonged to Clubs in Bakersfield, Crookston (MN), San Diego, Merced and now East Los Angeles-Montebello. I was 2nd Vice President for Advocacy and later the Rapid Response Chair for NFBPWC. I have also been California Federation BPW President and Public Policy Chair. Previously, I taught the Advocacy Module for the Individual Development Program.  

A presentation about Dawne Williams' success story -- both personally and professionally, Dawne will chronicle on her true life experiences. This presentation provides inspiration to carve pathways that help to unleash fullest potential.

Guest Speaker
Dawne Williams

SPEAKER BIO: A Banker by profession, Dawne Williams has had a career in the financial service industry spanning over 40 years. As an advocate for women Williams currently serves as Past President of the St. Kitts Business and Professional Women's Club and the Regional Coordinator for North America and the Caribbean for the Business and Professional Women International (BPWI).


3:30-3:45pm Break (transition)

3:45-4:45pm Advocacy Workshops (choose 1 of 3 sessions) [virtual attendees will be able to watch & interact]

Attend this session to learn how access to reproductive care improves community and public health as a whole.


● About community health and how access to reproductive care improves the community overall

● How to view reproductive health with a community health lens

Guest Speaker
Keri Hess Laursen

SPEAKER BIO: Keri Hess Laursen has 10 years of experience in coalition building, outreach, and community health education in both government and non-profit. She previously worked with policy makers, stakeholders, community members, and youth to advocate for local policy initiatives to reduce health disparities in Northern California communities. Keri also has experience working in child injury prevention, where she developed educational resources and messaging for underserved communities, conducted classes, and organized safety events. In 2014, Keri secured partnerships and funding to create the first child safety seat recycling program in Northern California. Keri believes that by working together we can create a healthier environment for everyone to live, work, and play. 

Keri completed her Bachelors of Science in Health Science from California State University Sacramento and her Master of Public Health from New England University in Maine. Currently, she works for Richard Heath & Associates, contracted by the California Department of Public Health, as a Program Manager on the Vaccinate All 58 Campaign. She continues to volunteer for her local Safe Kids Coalition in Sacramento, is a member of Downtown Sacramento Business and Professional Women, and is Health Committee Chair for the National Federation of Business and Professional Women.

Participants will walk away with the following:

● An understanding of rape culture

● How to tap into one's agency

● Strategies to disrupt rape culture on a communal level

Guest Speaker
Crystal Guillory

SPEAKER BIO: Crystal Guillory, M.A. is the Chair of Eliminating Sexual Harassment for the NFBPWC. She is a rape and sexual harassment survivor who believes in the power of one’s own agency towards promoting advocacy projects that positively impact women. In her daily work life, Guillory is currently the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Houston Downtown and has served in this role since January 2013. Guillory is also the lead organizer of the annual UHD Gender Studies Conference. She is the mother of her beautiful and talented daughter, Nyla. 

This presentation will focus on NFBPWC initiatives inspired and led by YBPW members - the Afghan Women Project, by Emily VanVleck and Djenabou Bah, and the Let Us Learn! Campaign, by Zohal Wali. We will explore the ways our membership works together to create powerful movements to make positive changes for women in the US and worldwide. These initiatives would not have been possible without the support and guidance from more experienced members. By encouraging multigenerational cooperation on our initiatives we can accomplish big things! Learn the value new members, and young members in particular, see in this organization and how we might work to create a more engaged membership.

Guest Speaker
Emily VanVleck

Guest Speaker
Djenabou Bah

Guest Speaker

SPEAKER BIO: Emily VanVleck is a recent graduate from City College of New York majoring in International Studies with a double minor in Public Policy and Human Rights. Emily was one of the founding members of NFBPWC's Afghan Women Project and has represented the organization on the NGO Committee on Migration. In May she was elected as the YBPW Representative for the NYC chapter. Professionally, Emily has worked as a flight attendant for eight years.

SPEAKER BIO: I am Djenabou Bah and I graduated last June from City College of NY with a bachelor degree in International Studies and a minor in Community Change Studies. I am interested in international development, international organizations, especially nonprofits that tackle social issues such as quality education, poverty, unemployment and women’s rights and issues. I am currently the VP of Programs for the NYC Chapter and a member of the NFBPWC Afghan Women Project committee.

I am happy to help the chapter assist displaced Afghan women and girls arriving as they adapt to life in the US. I am so glad to be part of such a powerful project because I hope I had people like that who would have assisted me when I first came to this country.

SPEAKER BIO: Zohal is an Afghan professional woman, who was relocated by the US Government to Tucson Arizona on Jan 31, 2022.  She was offered survival jobs, but refused to give up on her dream work.  With the help of members of the NFBPWC Afghan Women’s Project she was able to begin the process of converting her experience, and is currently working as a Medical Lab technician in Tucson!  Zohal is determined to help women and girls still in Afghanistan who no longer have access to education, because of a decree that prohibits girls over the age of 12 from receiving formal education. To achieve that goal, she has been actively working on a letter writing campaign called “Let Us Learn!” She spoke during the UN Commission on the Status of Women on behalf of NFBPWC, and is delighted to speak again at GA2022.

6:00-6:30pm Gala Reception & Cash Bar

6:30-9:30pm Dinner and Gala Ceremony [virtual attendees will be able to watch & interact]
- Awards, Ceremonies, Installation Dinner

AGENDA Sunday, August 7, 2022

8:00-9:30am Post-Board Meeting Breakfast with Executive Meeting (Terrace)
- Interested Chairs, Club Presidents and EC Members are invited

10:00-11:00am Executive Committee Meeting [virtual attendees will be able to watch & interact]

11:00am Group Tour -- Wine Country

View the Sunday Wine Country Group Tour Brochure

11:00am-6:30pm Wine Tour (Separate Payment and Registration $120)
- 11:00am Shuttle Arrives

- 11:15am-3:00pm Winery Tours

- 5:00-6:30pm Dinner (optional self-pay at a winery)

For details and To Register: NFBPWC Winery Tour Excursion
- 20-person max
- Must be a conference attendee to participate

Equal Participation of Women and Men in Power and Decision-Making Roles


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