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3 Ways To Keep Your Affiliate Page Updated And Fresh

1 Aug 2022 12:43 PM | Lea-Ann W. Berst (Administrator)

Dear Affiliate Presidents:

As a reminder, Affiliate pages are added to the National website to help you grow and retain membership. Our intent is to provide a way for national website visitors to know that there are chapters they can join, and for existing members to feel valued.

That’s why your Affiliate page must remain up-to-date with:

  • information about your organization,
  • where to find you, how to join,
  • the events you’re hosting, and
  • an opportunity for your members to be featured!

3 Ways To Keep Your Affiliate Page Updated And Fresh:

  1. Follow the event submission process to post your event onto the National calendar and, in turn, it’ll post to your page
    -- This helps push site visitors to your events so that they can start their journey of getting to know your affiliate organization!

  2. Have members submit to be featured in the National blog and on your Affiliate page. This helps us give each member featured the respect they deserve. The Spotlight article will reside on the National blog area, mentioned on your Affiliate page, and featured in our National social media accounts.
    -- You can use your marketing efforts to extend the reach of the national Spotlight article. We build it, you spread the good news!

  3. Email the Website Chair at with updates for your page.


Lea-Ann W. Berst
Website Chair 2020-2022

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