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  • 13 Jun 2024 12:22 PM | Lea-Ann W. Berst (Administrator)

    by Lea-Ann W. Berst – Chair, Website Committee 2020-2022


    NFBPWC Committee chairs, NFBPWC Affiliate organizations, and international BPW clubs are to follow the following process when submitting events to be added to the national online calendar.

    1. Send your calendar submissions to: using the following link (Google form):
      - See SECTION (C) to know what information we need.
      We ask that you please do not expect the Events editor to see your event online or in the National Magazine and know to add your event for you. Your event must be sent to the above email address in order to be part of the National Calendar.

    2. Send your submissions early.
      - A two-week minimum lead time is recommended for submissions, when possible, to make sure the editor can review your request with ample time for your event to be promoted on the calendar and relevant email feeds. 

    3. All events submitted must be associated with BPW, open to the public or open to BPW members.

    4. All U.S. event submissions must already have or expect to use an online registration link.
      - National will create the registration link for events that our National committee chairs host.
      - National will not approve U.S. submissions that ask attendees to phone or email someone to register. If you are an affiliate and do not have a registration link for your event, consider using Eventbrite.
      - National is happy to create a registration link for affiliate events. Simply submit required information as detailed in SECTION (C). See SECTION (B) to know what the process looks like.

    5. Events are reviewed, edited, and added to the calendar at the discretion of the Event editor and administrators.


    A) For Affiliate & International BPW leaders who have created their own event with online registration link:

    Affiliate and global event process

    B) For National committee chairs

    We will handle your entire registration cadence (invitation, reminder, and follow-up emails). Affiliates who need National to create the registration link for them should follow this process too.

    National committee event process

    C) All event submissions must contain: 

      - When writing your title, make sure it can stand alone. You'll want people to get an understanding of what the event is, if only the title is what they see.

      - Please provide a time zone spread like: [7pm ET | 6pm CT | 5pm MT | 4pm PT]



      - Write a description of the event. It will be used when promoting the event. Think about who you’re targeting -- What is the information they’ll want to hear about? What are the reasons they’ll want to attend?

      • Highlight the unique benefits of attending the event.
      • Tell them who the speaker(s) are and their expertise or qualifications.
      • Explain what makes the speaker(s) relevant and interesting to learn from.
    5. VENUE (name of place & address / online Zoom, etc.)

    6. WEBSITE/TICKET LINK (if we do not create the entire event for you)

      - Provide a captivating image that appropriately conveys your event such as portraits of speakers or photos of venues.

    8. ZOOM CREDENTIALS (if we create the entire event for you)
      We will add Zoom Credentials to the registration confirmation and reminder emails for you.

    As a reminder, EVENT SUBMISSIONS CANNOT CONTAIN phone numbers or an email address to register for an event. We must use web links for registration.

  • 1 Aug 2022 12:43 PM | Lea-Ann W. Berst (Administrator)

    Dear Affiliate Presidents:

    As a reminder, Affiliate pages are added to the National website to help you grow and retain membership. Our intent is to provide a way for national website visitors to know that there are chapters they can join, and for existing members to feel valued.

    That’s why your Affiliate page must remain up-to-date with:

    • information about your organization,
    • where to find you, how to join,
    • the events you’re hosting, and
    • an opportunity for your members to be featured!

    3 Ways To Keep Your Affiliate Page Updated And Fresh:

    1. Follow the event submission process to post your event onto the National calendar and, in turn, it’ll post to your page
      -- This helps push site visitors to your events so that they can start their journey of getting to know your affiliate organization!

    2. Have members submit to be featured in the National blog and on your Affiliate page. This helps us give each member featured the respect they deserve. The Spotlight article will reside on the National blog area, mentioned on your Affiliate page, and featured in our National social media accounts.
      -- You can use your marketing efforts to extend the reach of the national Spotlight article. We build it, you spread the good news!

    3. Email the Website Chair at with updates for your page.

    Go BPW!

    Lea-Ann W. Berst
    Website Chair 2020-2022

  • 12 Jun 2022 2:32 PM | Lea-Ann W. Berst (Administrator)

    NFBPWC has developed website processes and guidelines that reflect our vision and values -- as well as the needs of our members.


    - National chairs write the blog posts. We encourage affiliate clubs to work with the relevant national chair to add a blog post to the national website blog area.

    - When commenting on our NFBPWC Blog, you are agreeing to abide by the following Blog Community Guidelines.


    - The program highlights individual members, their experiences, and how they have benefited from their membership. Members use an online Spotlight Submission Form to submit a fellow member or themselves.


    - Committee chairs, affiliate clubs, and international clubs follow a Calendar Event Submission process for submitting events to the national online calendar.


    - The NFBPWC Privacy Policy describes how the National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs (NFBPWC) handles personal information that is collected, maintained, used, or otherwise processed.


    The NFBPWC Event Registration T&Cs sets out the terms and conditions between the National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs (NFBPWC) and the registrant when they register for any event or conference organized by NFBPWC. 


    - Prospective members can join a LOCAL AFFILIATE, a VIRTUAL affiliate, or as a STUDENT MEMBER across the USA and territories.

    - The website has an online Member Application Form for Virtual and Student applicants, however -- we point to the State pages for local affiliate applicants. 

    - State pages provide a peek into what the local affiliates are doing, and point prospective members to find a local club. For this reason, states must keep these pages up-to-date.


    - There is a dedicated donation page to help NFBPWC get closer to our impact goals. Site visitors can make a one-time or reoccurring donation on this page:


    - coming soon (the process for recording and downloading organizational videos, adding videos to the BPW YouTube page, and guidelines to adhere to ensure the video can be publicly or privately displayed)


    - coming soon (the process for adding resources to the Member Resource area)

  • 9 Jun 2022 1:31 PM | Lea-Ann W. Berst (Administrator)

    As a speaker at our event, we appreciate you sharing your experiences with our attendees! To help us better promote your session and offer a best-in-class experience for the audience, we ask that you please adhere to these 3 points.

    1. Provide the following to the event organizer at least 4 weeks prior to your session:

    When writing the title of your session, make sure it can stand alone. You'll want people to get an understanding of what the event is, if only the title is what they see.

    Provide a brief 2-paragragh (less than 120 words) write-up to use when promoting your break-out session. As you’re thinking about the words you'd like to write, remember who you’re targeting.

    • What is the information they’ll want to hear as they’re deciding to attend your session?
    • What are the reasons they’ll want to attend?
    • What are the unique benefits of attending your session.

    In 1 or 2 short paragraphs, provide your name, title, brief job description, and bio that explains what makes you (the speaker) relevant and interesting to learn from. Please do not go over 100 words.

    In order to maintain professional continuity, we ask that you please provide a professional, hi-res photograph (JPEG/PNG at 300ppi is optimal) for use in your speaker bio and other marketing materials. If a photo matching this description is not provided, NFBPWC reserves the right to refuse its use. Speakers who do not provide an appropriate photo will be represented by the NFBPWC logo.

    As part of our marketing initiatives, as well as a way for our audience to connect with our speakers, we will tag you in our social posts. Please feel free to engage by sharing and commenting!

    2. The presentation: whenever possible, please use the NFBPWC PowerPoint Template when creating your presentation

    • We ask that you NOT use a NFBPWC event to "sell" your product or service directly to the audience during your presentation.
    • When pre-approved and considered relevant to the event, your presentation can include a product or service announcement
    • You can provide handouts to benefit the audience -- which is where you can add a brief mention of your products and services.
    • When pre-approved, you can provide books or other giveaways to the audience, and sell and/or sign books that you have written.
    • Allow 5-10 minutes for Q&A during your time allotment.

    3. Help promote your session

    • A video is the #1 way to engage with our audience online. Provide a short, 30-second video summarizing your session topic and description. (These don’t have to be anything fancy. Phone videos are fine.) Make sure to include your “why” – why attendees should care about and attend your session.
    • Let your followers know that you'll be speaking at our event.
    • Provide relevant articles and blog posts authored by you.
    • Provide links to a podcast you host or episodes where you’ve been a guest.
    • Provide a relevant excerpt from a book you plan to sell or give away at the event.
  • 13 Sep 2021 2:37 PM | Lea-Ann W. Berst (Administrator)

    by Suzette Cotto – Chair, PR Committee

    September 2021

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is an NFBPWC initiative. As a women's organization, we rally for equal rights and inclusivity. Business owners and managers have many considerations when it comes to inclusivity. As humans, we want to feel included. We want to know that our individuality is recognized. This is why our featured blog this month focuses on the business side of a DEI initiative in any organization. There are real, measurable returns for business owners. 

    DEI Marketing: the Big Return

    DEI Marketing is shifting both consumers’ preferences and workplace dynamics. Businesses are focusing on a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive (DEI) culture. Are brands just hopping on this as a trend or genuinely want to imbibe in a strong company value that resonates with them? You may be surprised to know that there is a measurable return on investment for companies embracing DEI Marketing.

    Statistically, companies embracing diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business have a competitive edge and perform better than their peers. (#truth)

    Cases in Point

    In 2018, Google came out with an ad titled, ‘The Picture-Perfect Life’ featuring real individual photographs using their Pixel phones. Towards the end of the ad, these individuals call up the suicide prevention line, and the narrator asks the viewer to “question your lens.” It was the brand’s innovative way to spread mental health awareness and used its phone without pushing sales upfront. (Kuligowski 2020)

    Another example is a 2018 Proctor and Gamble Emmy-winning ad called “The Talk.” The brutally honest commercial — which corresponded with P&G’s “Black is Beautiful” and “Proud Sponsor of Moms” initiatives — depicts a historical view of African American mothers as they have difficult conversations with their children about racism.

    Our world is transforming in front of our eyes, and these narratives are a clear depiction of change. More so, trending visuals, vocabulary and technology are still evolving, and brands need to keep pace with DEI marketing. One way to stay updated is to follow the ‘real conversations’ that are shaping our future.

    Today, a lot of them are happening on social media. Head to social media channels like LinkedIn, and Twitter and search the hashtags #Diversity, #Equity, and #Inclusion (#DEI), now buzzwords across every industry. Brands have created impactful posts and campaigns to talk about social issues like Women’s History Month, Nurses’ Month, Black History Month, Gender Inequality, Pride Month, Asian Pride and so much more.

    DEI Importance in Marketing 

    Big brands, small companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs realize the power of an inclusive brand strategy. Consumer bases are no longer homogenous. When businesses actively promote these values – it reflects their commitment to both the brand and their people – shaping how people think, see themselves, and view the world. It’s the new currency of influence.

    In my journey as digital marketing and communications professional, I have learned incorporating DEI in the marketing strategy of an existing business is a challenge. I don’t get buy-in from many of the people who navigate the entity. It means undoing redundant practices of the past and introducing ideas that are out of their comfort zone. Get used to being uncomfortable. I’ve had to throw down a few times, like with planned events that included only male speakers. WTH. I’m a way maker so if you work with me, you’re going to hear about it.

    Pandemic Progress

    Call it a blessing in disguise that the uncertainties of 2020 paved the way for disruptive thinking and even creating opportunities for a fresh start. The urgency has never been more real. Take the new pandemic buzzword – “Shecession” (Forbes 2021). It’s what happened to women’s wallets and ambition when the world took a tectonic pandemic shift. The BLM movement also gave us time for serious pause. We are all tasked now with being activists for change, defenders of equity, and educators of our children.

    Starting on the Right Foot

    Lucky for start-up owners, they have the advantage of building a diverse and inclusive business right at the beginning of their journey. Without the right approach, you can drive away your big, diverse audience. Get it right the first time.

    Let me simplify it. What do people see (or not see) when they land on your brand? Do they see themselves? Besides a strong product or service portfolio, your company’s culture, value, and mission statements to grab the audience’s attention, the call to action must be diverse. Consumers are demanding equity, and growth can only happen through inclusion.

    The bigger question is, do you want to create a noticeable change in your marketing efforts? Is it aligning with the new societal shift? Your marketing efforts influence and direct people’s perspectives and reinforce stereotypes, which can be beneficial or it can be dangerous – an impact no brand should take lightly.

    Align with DEI Marketing

    Establishing trust with your workforce, your in-house ambassadors, is paramount. Interact with your diverse communities. Create the ability for employees to have a voice. Make them know that they matter because of their differences. Make sure your voice is authentic or your culture shift will not get traction.  Internal communication aligned with DEI education will resonate by cognitive transference to your customers. Embracing the differences in culture, race, physical abilities, language, age, religion, appearance, sexuality, gender – and more – and acknowledging it, is a bottom-line game-changer. The kaleidoscope of humanity we have been gifted with creates unprecedented opportunity.

    Create Allies

    To get it really right, marketers need to collaborate with human resources for both workforce and customer outreach. DEI often starts with an HR professional or team. Our offices are no longer cubicles of indifference. Virtual technology has removed many in-office barriers. Leadership needs education and HR needs to hold the line with accountability. Individuals should feel free to speak about anything that negatively impacts their work-life. What is your company protocol for encouraging productive internal DEI communication?

    Start Here

    First, use marketing tools and materials in different languages, graphics, and images to depict diversification and build partnerships. Then, be visible, present and approachable to address concerns from any of your employees or customers.

    Second, educate yourself and others. Find a DEI Certification Course and have one or more influencers on your leadership team learn the value of corporate DEI is and how it affects your ROI. It’s not just a return on an investment, it’s a return of influence. Something we all want, but escapes many. Imagine what a powerful inclusive voice can do for your company.

    Third, write it down. Impart what you learn into your employee communications and HR new hire onboarding. Let people know from the get-go that you are serious about this and why. The “why” can be so powerful. Open a dialogue and encourage employees to give a narrative on their work experiences and what they would do to create equity.

    These are just the first few steps; there is so much more we can do.

    Written by NFBPWC's Public Relations Chair, Suzette Cotto

    This article was originally posted on the Innovate Social Media blog area in June 2021. Suzette is the President of Innovate Social Media -- which has teamed up with Diversity Crew Institute to help put fundamental knowledge and experience behind a brand’s desire to widen their inclusive reach. Brands are encouraged to work with this or other organizations that offer DEI Certification. It can elevate Corporate Leadership, CEOs, Marketing Professionals, Non-Profits, NGOs, and Global Enterprise to bring positive change with employees, stakeholders, supporters, and members. To find out more about Suzette, connect with her at

    Works Cited

    Kuligowski, Kiely. “How to Implement a Diversity Marketing Strategy.”, 17 July 2020,

    Bump, Pamela. “7 Brands That Got Inclusive Marketing Right.” HubSpot Blog, 16 Apr. 2021,

    Warrell, Dr Margie. “Women Are Quitting: How We Can Curb The ‘She-Cession’ And Support Working Women.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 8 Jan. 2021,

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