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The Elevator Pitch - Creating a Compelling and Concise Introduction

1 Dec 2022 12:13 AM | BARBARA BOZEMAN (Administrator)

Getting on the Elevator.  When time is limited, an elevator pitch makes an efficient introduction to your business and what you have to offer prospective clients.  Your pitch could be someone’s first impression of you and your business.  Do you want to make an impression that gets you in the door or one that leaves you on the wrong side?

An effective pitch is a short statement defines your product or service or organization and clearly explains your value proposition.  It is a conversation, not a slogan, a billboard or a commercial.   

Where to begin?  Start developing your pitch with the most basic information.  Who are you and what type of business or product do you have?  Follow that up with 5 statements of no more than 3 sentences that describe you and your product or service and your value.   As you write and rewrite these statements, look for ways to be engaging but still clear and concise. 

Practice.  The intention of your pitch is to be spoken.  As you drill down to your most effective statements, consider the following:  Are you talking to them or at them?  Remember the written statement may sound disconnected when spoken aloud.  Ask yourself  - would you really say this to someone in a conversation?  Is this how you would talk to someone?  Would you be receptive if someone said this to you?  As you practice your pitch and become comfortable with it, be sure your intended audience will feel like you are talking to them, not at them. 

Getting off the Elevator.  Remembering that your pitch is only the first step, consider what comes next.  How will you close that conversation and leave space for follow through?   Be ready with your business card and a path to your next meeting. 


  • 1 Dec 2022 10:11 PM | Megan Shellman-Rickard (Administrator)
    This was an incredible workshop! Thank you for hosting it. I learned so much and realized that I have work to do on all of this for my personal business.
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